Friday, March 25, 2011

cricket... cricket...

we should all go shoot together one night soon. we do have an outpost in the bottoms now and the weather next weekend is supposed to be in the sixties, again...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

fund proposal?

let's try and get funding from student assembly.
check your kcai email, there's one about that.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

work up for sophomores?

hey kids, hope all's well in america.

did y'all get work up on the wallz for dem sophomores? if so, someone wanna document that for me so i can see it? and post it here?

we should probably all post what we're up to on this blog, anyway.

also, do we still want to have something semi-curated for the gallery soon? i think it would be a good idea to put a show together in the pdf gallery, document it, and show that to galleries around kc with the intention of getting a show somewhere more legit.

that's all.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

sophomore hanging

so several of us chatted yesterday and decided that we should hang in the gallery for the new sophy's. so if you are in town/ here on Monday the 23rd ( which you should be, because its the first day of class...) then we are meeting in pd/f at noon. NOON I TELL YOU! NOON!

and we will hang our stuff, new or old, or something in progress. whatever floats your boat.

then after that we were talking about going to lunch or something. expecially if your a senior, we wanted to go out before thesis all together.

chine. out.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


How about the first or second week of August we have a meeting at Cory Hinesley's house.
campfire and discussion about the Zine? Maybe currating some kind of show for the first of the semester?

comments? suggestions?

people can attend via skype as well. :) MUCH LUV TO OUR NEW ZEALANDerz

Monday, April 12, 2010

The 'Zine

So I'm seriously interested in getting this going, and really getting to work on it once school stuff dies down.

I just want to reiterate some of the ideas I had for the publication on the blog for all to see:

- A showcase of local KC artists, but not necessarily limited to such.
- An emphasis on photography, because of the fact that not many publications (especially around here) are heavily involved with the medium in that sense.
- That being said I also really want other mediums represented, and especially think some creative writing would be nice. (maybe even response pieces from other artists based on some of the work going into the magazine.
- I'm not sure how often we can get this out, especially with most of us still having another year of school left. I'm thinking maybe quarterly for now?
- We need to try to get some sort of sponsorship to help pay for all the costs involved with this. Grant writing may be a possibility, talking to local artist coalitions and foundations, and other kc businesses who may be interested in promoting work like this.
- Also the first series of these will most likely not be printed at nearly the quality I would prefer, but it shouldn't deter us from its creation. Even if we have to do newsprint starting out.

Anyways feel free to add to this list or whatever.

I think this could be an amazing group effort though.

Alex: I really like this idea as well. I'm keen to be involved. I also had a thought when Brandon mentioned the responses from artists or whoever to work in the zine that the format that ummm i think its "Black" zine uses is pretty cool. They have the articles written about the person writing the previous article...does that make sense? so we could all kinda feed off each other too, and other artists etc. Dunno. just an idea.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Collecting for the Collective.

So no one has really done much collective wise. Things have been busy and we all understand.

Lydia and I have been chatting extensively about ideas that we could do for shows. In our discussions we have mentioned appropriating our works together so we can show work and kind of let the collective actually "BECOME SOMETHING"

At KCAI people have been bitching about not having any gallery shows in the PD/F space. We thought that we experiment with collecting mass amounts of a certain media and displaying them all together, along with a joint statement. For example i have an obsession with Cell phone pictures and picture-mailing. So we could all individually print cell phone images and the collaboratively curate a show out of them. Another example could be test prints or practice images, this way people in other medias (graphicdesignBencoughcough) could submit pieces as well. (This is a great way that our foreign members can actively participate too.)

We have come up with some other ideas that could be used as well but pending on feedback to this post, this idea can be pursued more in depth.

ALSO! We have discussed that the publication idea zine, fliers ect... should be better thought out over the summer.

eh. thats all.

Yo! I like this idea of collecting a big bunch off stuff (cell phone images etc) and curating them into one big show. I also love the idea of collecting lots of peoples tests and scraps and proof sheets. Sometimes these ( or a lot of them) can be better/cooler/awesomer than a finished polished work. Again just putting in my 2 cents but yea. I am planning to send you guys stuff in the next few weeks by the real live physical it may be a collection of things for this sort of idea. yea. Alex.